co·work·ing (v.)
A style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.

The most interactive way to work is right around the corner

Think Big Coworking isn’t just a space for entrepreneurs, startups and innovators. TBCo is a community that allows members to find a new way to work, collaborate with one another and surround themselves with other brilliant minds. After all, communication and collaboration are force multipliers to getting things done fast.

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Located in the heart of Kansas City

In 2015, Think Big Coworking moved to a new space at 1712 Main located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. Our newly renovated, 112 year-old building with 21st century technology allows over 40 companies to grind it out at the Think Big office space for entrepreneurs. Although Think Big Coworking is managed by Think Big Partners, it’s the members and partners in TBCo that create the pulse of the space.

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Meet the team

Herb Sih

Managing Partner & Co-founder, Think Big Partners

Tyler Prochnow

Senior Partner & Co-founder, Think Big Partners

Sarah Fustine

Partner, Operations & Strategic Partnerships

Blake Miller

Partner, Director of Accelerator & Technology

Summer Mulford

Executive Assistant, Think Big Partners

Elaina Brownlee

Community Connector

Ernesto Suarez

Community Connector

Joe Gauer

Community Connector