b.Legal Marketing Brings Lawyers Up to Speed with Modern Marketing Technology

By June 23, 2016Members

b.Legal’s Chris Brown and Christina Hergott on marketing for lawyers

When Chris Brown and Christina Hergott started b.Legal Marketing in Kansas City they thought building web sites for law firms would be easy.

“[We were thinking] ‘Oh, we’re going to build web sites for lawyers. This will be easy,’” said Hergott. “But there’s so many other things that go into it. We can really be a resource for them.”

The legal industry is particularly behind the curve on marketing technology due to its unique history.

“Marketing was actually considered unethical–and by that I mean we weren’t allowed to do it until the 1980’s,” said Brown. “State bars prohibited it.”

But today, with a glut of lawyers across the country, marketing is becoming essential to standing out from the crowd.

“It’s no longer OK just to rely on connections at the country club,” said Brown.

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