Big Bang CEO Jonathan Wagner Discusses the Future of the Internet of Things

By May 31, 2016Coworking, Members

Big Bang’s Jonathan Wagner on the Internet of Things

Jonathan Wagner created Big Bang to facilitate real-time collaboration for IoT projects.

“I was seeing that applications in general were moving toward real-time collaboration,” said Wagner. “That’s something that wasn’t possible a few years ago.”

Wagner wants people to think about the Internet of Things revolution as much more than clever consumer products. Inexpensive sensors can be used in a host of different infrastructure use cases, which will lead to the transformation of the public and civic spaces around us.

Wagner gives the example of a project they worked on as part of the Smart City Tech Summit. They connected data from several different organizations with an autonomous vehicle in order to respond to a mock active shooter scenario.

“We were able to deploy a response on scene within 30 seconds of this event occuring,” said Wagner. “All this was controlled through our platform.”

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