Block Labs Unlocks Next-Level Corporate Innovation at Think Big

By July 12, 2016Members, Space
Block Labs' Jason Houseworth on how to innovate in a corporate environment

How do you create innovation “from the outside” in a large company? You select the best and brightest (and more flexible), create a team…and take it out of the company’s corporate habitat. This is what H&R Block’s CIO, Jason Houseworth did by creating Block Labs and housing it out of an office on the fourth floor at Think Big. The idea came out of conversations he had with Herb Sih, one of the founders of Think Big Partners, about how to foster innovation in a corporate environment. It also came from the realization that a corporate environment lacks some basic requirements to truly foster innovation. It is not an environment that allows failure, a key component of innovation, and it doesn’t allow for true experimentation. It does not offer outside perspectives, ideas, hindsight, and collaboration either. These are extremely important when you are developing a product for any type of audience.

So, where can you find a place that offers all these pieces of the puzzle? Right here at Think Big Coworking. Our collaborative workspace is filled with driven individuals and teams working side by side on innovative projects to build their companies. It is the perfect environment to set your innovation team free and let it run with its ideas. Our members will give you advice, feedback and guidance, and will even test your product, service or idea. You need not fear failure inside these walls. Failure is the stuff our members use to learn, to improve, to move forward.

Jason Houseworth’s team found this environment helpful to overcoming the challenges of innovating from within a large company. Block Labs was able grow further, faster by stepping out of their corporate comfort zone and working in an environment designed for innovation. Think Big Coworking was such fertile ground for them that they have now grown beyond the space that we can offer them. It was exciting to witness Block Lab’s first stages of rapid prototyping and development. We look forward to seeing what awesome new things they will create next.  

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