Community Building In Progress: The Next Evolution of Our Kansas City Coworking Space

By December 16, 2015Coworking, Members, Space

Think Big Community Town Hall Recap

The Think Big Coworking community met on December 3 in a Town Hall meeting to review the evolution of our Kansas City coworking space throughout 2015 and what more we can do going into 2016. The meeting was full of great ideas and positive feedback. Our staff was thrilled to hear that we are heading in the right direction in more than one way and look forward to continuing to build the community. If you weren’t able to make it, we thought you might want to read some highlights from the members who attended Town Hall!

  • We want more people here so let’s teach more people how to be successful at coworking in the open space! Blogs, posted signs and a video were just some of the ideas of ways we could do that.
  • In 2016, Think Big wants to focus on showcasing the members of the space.
  • Member Access Hours weren’t as successful as they could be the first two times. Let’s try moving to Think Big Thursdays and marketing more specifically about what members are offering.
  • Everyone has a different preference for communications that come from Think Big and how they digest information: the leading channels were the Facebook Group, Slack and email. There were suggestions on some new formats to email and communications that we can try for better participation and response. It also came up that members can “add” the TBCo events Google calendar online to their own to follow events and notices.
  • The original “member wall” of profiles that no longer exists has potential to be great. Let’s consider a new version that includes a digital member directory (potentially have members in control of own profile by log on) and physical member wall to showcase companies and people.
  • How can we get more students to take advantage of free student coworking? This is important to the community and KC ecosystem.
  • Encourage people to be better about using the #whosvisiting channel in Slack as a way to welcome your guests (24-hour advance notice needed.) Consider posting in more places (on monitors, whiteboards, etc.)
  • Maybe members can be involved with new member orientations: explain community, be a new face to meet, encourage people to talk to each other?
  • Is there a better use of the space? In some areas, it seems like some changes could be made for more productive use of space.
  • We expect the people who work here to show up. You get what you put in and the members want people to show up to work and to community events. In that, we will all be better.

These were just the highlights and we could have kept talking for another hour! Think Big valued the feedback and you will see some of these suggestions take place in the coming weeks. Feel free to contribute more feedback to We will host these Town Halls more often so stay tuned for more info and join us next time!

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