HipHire Helps Connect an Economy Increasingly Based on Part-Time Work

By June 14, 2016Coworking, Members

HipHire’s Brian Kearns shares his best advice for entrepreneurs

Founder Brian Kearns describes HipHire as “Match.com for part-time jobs.”

“I spent a year doing research, and I discovered eight attributes that cause someone to quit a job in the first 90 days,” said Kearns.

HipHire connects small businesses to part-time jobseekers based on those eight attributes.

Kearns sees doing research as a key part of solving the right problem for customers.

“When you solve a really honest, sincere problem like this you get a lot of, ‘Oh, thank God! We’ve needed somebody to address this,’” said Kearns.

One of the biggest lessons Kearns has learned as an entrepreneur is knowing when to seek out experts to help.

“Uncover what you don’t know before you go too far into it,” said Kearns.

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