Fervor Marketing Grows Beyond Its Kansas City Coworking Space

By February 23, 2016Coworking, Members
Fervor Marketing Outgrows Think Big Coworking

Think Big Coworking was designed to provide a place for like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers to get their businesses off the ground. It is a workspace built for entrepreneurs to collaborate and to focus, but more importantly, give them peace of mind as their companies grow and scale. Coworking provides startups with the unique flexibility to move from a coworking pass to a dedicated desk to a private office with ease.

But the downside, we have found, to creating and managing a successful startup ecosystem is that many of the successful companies eventually grow their businesses to the point where they need to leave our Kansas City coworking space and move to an office space of their own.

Mike Farag, CEO of Kansas City-based Fervor Marketing, started at Think Big Coworking in 2009 and has since grown his solo-startup venture to a company of about 40 employees. Fervor was able to grow and thrive at Think Big Coworking because of the collaborative coworking environment. The startup-focused community provided Fervor with a built-in network of individuals to bounce ideas off of at all times of day. Whether it was discussing the benefits of intellectual property rights or choosing logo design, there is a built-in focus group at their fingertips.

Fervor has recently moved to a Kansas City office space of their own to pursue more growth. But for entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing a company, here are some of best and most important coworking tips Fervor can pass on:


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