The Secret to More Effective Meetings: Stop Writing, Start Thinking

By July 11, 2016Space
eBeam Interactive Whiteboards

How to Use Think Big Coworking’s Interactive Whiteboards

Capturing and sharing notes from an off-the-cuff collaboration, a creative brainstorming session or even a formal business presentation can be frustrating. We never want to assigned the role of designated note-taker because it generally erodes the critical thinking power that leads to optimal meeting results. Lucky for us, there was a genius somewhere who came up with the technology to digitally share and store the notes from meetings. Here at Think Big, we have two of these magic systems called eBeam interactive whiteboards. One is in meeting room 2C and the other one in meeting room 3B. They are easy to use, just follow these instructions and start having more effective meetings today.

Getting started with eBeam:

  • Use only the electronic eBeam markers (they have a very distinctive white body).
  • Make sure that the program (called eBeam) is running in the host computer.
  • Plug the computer to the Cisco telepresence unit (this also allows you to share the white board in real time with whomever you are having a WebEx call, as we discussed in our previous video).
  • Save the file created from the notes or print it to distribute it. We recommend that you save it to a mobile storage device (flash drive, external HDD, etc.) so that you can then send it by email or any similar way to the attendees or anyone who missed the meeting.

The system is a great productivity tool, and it ensures that your next meeting won’t go to waste. No more mobile phone pictures of the notes, no more punishing someone in your team with taking notes. This is the 21st century, and we should all enjoy the freedom that electronic communications allow us. Cheers to more effective meetings and to eBeam interactive whiteboards!

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