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By November 24, 2015Coworking, Events, Members
Inside Access Hip Hire

Come tap into the knowledge, skills and expertise of our Think Big Coworking members.

The most valuable asset that Think Big Coworking provides to our community is the community itself, our network of talented entrepreneurs. Working in an open environment where we are surrounded by a diverse group of professionals in fields that span everything from tech to legal and marketing to financial puts us at a unique advantage.  It gives us and our members the opportunity to walk down the hall or slack message a subject matter expert when we’re in over our heads. This significantly lowers the everyday hurdles of running a company that early-stage founders, startups and rapidly-growing businesses come across everyday.

The knowledge and talent of our entrepreneurs is our secret weapon for success and we want to share it with you. As an innovation hub in downtown Kansas City, we have a special mix of talent that is well positioned to offer expertise and know-how to the community. 

Next Monday, November 30 we will be hosting TBCo Inside Access Day. On Inside Access Days, selected Think Big Member companies with various skill sets will be open for office hours for you to come learn, ask questions and get the help you need to achieve your business goals.

TBCo Inside Access Day

Monday, November 30th

Brian Kearns Founder of Hip HireBrian Kearns

Founder, HipHire

Open Access: 9:00-11:00AM (Drop-in or email Brian at  to reserve a spot.)

Brian started HipHire in 2013, which connects businesses with quality part-time people to interview. Prior to launching HipHire, Brian co-founded two companies both in the e-commerce and technology space and successfully exited both these companies before developing the concept for HipHire. Brian has expertise as a Co-Founder, Partner, CIO & Director of HR plus hundreds of hats worn building a national company.

Entrepreneurs struggling with hiring, managing team members or general questions when considering hiring your first employee? Member Office Hours conversations will be private & candid when needed. My goal is to offer actionable advice people can use no matter what stage your business is in today.

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