KC Drone Company Soars Above Entrepreneurial Challenges with Support from the Think Big Startup Community

KC Drone Company’s Casey Adams: “The biggest challenge is perception”

Casey Adams, CEO of The Kansas City Drone Company, did not plan on staying in the region to start his company.

“After my last tour in Afghanistan I was trying to convince my wife to leave Kansas City,” said Adams. “And then I found the startup community. I didn’t realize there was all this support here.”

Adams started Kansas City Drone Company in 2014 to provide drone-based data, surveying and consulting services for commercial industry.

“There’s a ton of challenges. Perception is probably the biggest,” said Adams.

Between military-grade UAVs and quadcopter toys, there are commerical drones. These drones can help with everything from search-and-rescue operations to agriculture.

“You have to get the end user to think about the payoff–what’s the ROI?” said Adams. “Otherwise they’ll just think of quadcopters.”

Kansas City Drone Company now operates in 17 states and 5 different countries.


Originally published on siliconprairienews.com.

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