Meet at Think Big

Because this is where big things begin. We’ve seen the walls plastered in post-its, the table blanketed with business plans, and the Telepresence screens showcasing the latest pitches to Kansas City’s best investors. We get that making brilliant things happen takes time, so there are special meeting room rates for full/half day brainstorming sessions, workshops and meetings.

Think Big is centrally located in Downtown Kansas City in the heart of the Crossroads District along the KC Streetcar route.


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Members   Non-Members

Equipped For Innovation

Finding the right backdrop for your meeting can have a big effect on how productive and creative you and your team are. At Think Big we believe meetings to be full of energy and ideas so we’ve outfitted our rooms with the latest technology and creative tools allowing you to put all of your focus into the output of the meeting.

  • Cisco WebEx hosted reservations*
  • 42”–55” display monitors (HDMI and VGA capability)
  • Luidia E-Beam whiteboard technology
  • 1 GB/s fiber internet connection
  • Cisco Telepresence available in select meeting rooms*
  • Cisco conference phones
  • Projector and screen available by reservation*
  • Complimentary water service provided upon request
  • Coffee service, specialty coffee drinks and soda service provided upon request *
  • Private phone booths available for reservation*

* = Available for an upcharge

Meeting Room FAQs

Can I book a meeting outside of business hours?

Yes, you can book meetings outside of 8am-6pm at a higher rate. To ensure proper staffing, you will need to coordinate with our meeting and events coordinator. Contact or (816) 842-5244 to book your room.

What size of meetings can you accommodate?

Our meeting rooms can hold meetings for 2 to 25 people and our event space can hold meetings or events up to 300 (depending on setup.) Contact us to get more details.

Do I need to be a member to book a meeting room?

No! Anyone can book a room by clicking “non-member” to schedule a meeting. You will be prompted to pay at checkout.

Can I schedule a recurring meeting?

Yes, and we even offer a discount. Depending on your needs and frequency, we can evaluate the best value way for you to host meetings or events at Think Big.

What is your cancellation policy?

Your booking is fully refundable if cancellation is submitted two working days prior. If cancellation is submitted less than two days prior, the money is non-refundable but the client is able to apply credit towards future meeting. Credit expires after 90 days.

What is your policy on bringing in food and beverages?

You can bring any caterer of your choosing although we do recommend choosing from our list of preferred vendors. You are allowed to bring your own beverages or order beverage service from Think Big. We can offer soda and bottle water service ($1.50 per person), brewed coffee service ($25 per 15 cups) or specialty coffee drinks from our one site baristas ($30 for 15 drinks made to order at time of event.) Complimentary water service is available upon request.

If I bring three kittens to my meeting, will I get a discount?

If they are really cute and our cat obsessed events team is in a good mood – MAYBE! ^^