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Plexpod & Think Big Partners Announce Acquisition and Partnership for Expansion, Innovation, and Economic Development

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**UPDATE: Please visit the newly branded Plexpod Crossroads website for more information.** For the past 8 years, Think Big Partners has been proud to help entrepreneurs, innovators, freelancers and established companies achieve greater levels of success. With this in mind, we are excited to share some special news. Plexpod acquires Think…

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Think Big Wise Words speaker Kashif Hasnie of Singularity University

Playing God: Innovation in the Hybrid Age

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September’s Wise Words speaker is Kashif Hasnie, Futurist and Visioneer. Playing God: Innovation in the Hybrid Age According to technology futurists, The Hybrid Age refers to the sociotechnical era that is unfolding as technologies merge with each other and humans merge with technology – both at the same time. We…

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