Think Big Coworking Produces KC Dream Team to Launch HipHire App

Think Big Coworking HipHire App Launch Team

Think Big Coworking is not your typical Kansas City office space. People do more than work here. They come here to get inspired, find their next co-founder or work on their big idea.

We are very proud of the office space we have built for entrepreneurs, but the space is secondary to our community. Our members are the true force of innovation and collaboration that make Think Big Coworking successful. They are the ones that are making BIG things happen here everyday.

Contributed by: Brian Kearns, HipHire, Founder

When I first founded HipHire in 2013, I knew success would come more quickly if I surrounded myself with smart people. So in 2014, I moved into Think Big Coworking and met peers who would soon become friends, business partners and confidants.

The Benefits of Coworking

The benefits of coworking as a global movement have been touted a lot lately. For me personally, I see it as an increased opportunity for collisions, the ability to tap into resources, staying on the edge of new trends and fresh ideas and just the simple fact of getting outside of your bubble and stale home office.

Running a startup (I founded HipHire which matches part-time job seekers with employers in a user-friendly experience similar to, means a lot of moving parts and it means I need all the help I can get. Co-working provides me with access to a pool of connected professionals; if they don’t know the answer, they can connect you with someone who does.

Startup Life: You Can’t Do it Alone

While I’m busy growing my business (176% in the past 6 months!) and fine tuning the app (it’s critical that job seekers first experience is kick-ass!), I need talent that can keep the other parts moving.

Keeping my resources in Kansas City is important, so from the beginning I have turned to my Think Big co-workers. Working with other entrepreneurs is a win-win: I get the resources I need and I help them build their businesses, plus big companies don’t understand my needs the way they do.

Launching the HipHire App: My Think Big Coworking Team

As I set out to launch the HipHire app for job seekers, I knew I needed to lean on my various Think Big experts to create a dream team:

  • Jay Wilner, Out of Bounds Communications: Jay and I have worked together in the past so he knows the platform and audience well, plus he knows how to drive traffic where it counts!
  • Christina Hergott, Pink Moon Marketing: Stina and I had worked together on the launch, so she jumped back in on PR, helping to gain awareness of the app across Kansas City.
  • Chris Brown, Venture Legal: Chris is a legal extraordinaire who understands how startups work and what we need, so he was able to make sure I was compliant every step of the way, in a way that made sense to me.

In the words of Christina Hergott, “We all love our jobs and want to help others find a job they enjoy, so working with Brian on the launch of the HipHire app was a no brainer. Plus, Brian’s a great guy.” (I know she’s just trying to flatter me with that last part!)

Embracing the Spirit of Coworking

“Kansas City is a great place to start a business and working at Think Big is a great way to connect with clients and other entrepreneurs,” Chris Brown told me and I couldn’t agree more.

As we worked together on the app’s launch we were able to partner together, share ideas and resources.

Jay Wilner said it best when he shared, “It really does feel like a family here at Think Big. We all kind of look out for each other personally and try to help look for opportunities to grow each other’s businesses.”

More Than Just an App Launch

You are crazy if you try to complete a project like a new app launch without smarter and naturally more talented people than yourself, especially with so many moving pieces required to sync-up at precisely the right time. From the outside looking in, it’s just an app launch, but from the inside looking out, it’s a great accomplishment.

Brian Kearns is the founder of HipHire, an online service that connects businesses with quality part-time people to interview. He’s passionate about connecting employers and workers who share a vision for the ideal workplace culture.