Celebrate Summer! Think Big’s Summer Picnic – Thursday, July 20th

By July 13, 2017Coworking, Events, Members
Think Big's Summer Picnic Social Potluck for Charity
Contributed by Catie Chappell,– Think Big Member and Operations Analyst at Influence & Co.

By second grade, I learned that the school picnic was the best indication summer was just around the corner – being from Chicago, weather wasn’t much of a tell-tale sign. I also didn’t have the best perception of time at the age of seven or eight, but that’s a different story. The teachers would get us in a zig-zaggy sort of line, and we’d wait for the most perfect announcement to crackle over the speaker, “Time to go outside”.

I was unable to contain my excitement rushing out of that brick building. Summer was greeting me in the form of sunshine, picnic blankets, and popsicles. Nothing could be better in my childhood mind.

Time hasn’t changed that perception. I still have a strong association between picnics and summertime which is why I’m so excited that Think Big and the KC startup community are hosting a rain or shine Potluck Picnic.

Come celebrate the summer with us on Thursday, July 20th from 12pm – 2pm at the second floor of the Think Big building.

Bring your $5 donation and relive your childhood picnic days by chowing down on some tasty picnic treats.

Have a favorite dish no picnic can live without? Be sure to bring enough to share!

If you’re not much of a cook but aspire to be KC’s next best food critique, just bring your donation and well-tuned palate to vote for your favorite dish! All proceeds will be donated to the winning chef’s charity of choice.

It’s summer time, so come and enjoy with great food and great company.

Sign up to bring a dish or attend through the Google Form below. We’ll see you there! Until then, happy summer-ing!