Video Fizz Can’t Imagine a Better Place to Launch and Grow a Company

By June 1, 2016Coworking, Members

Video Fizz’s Laura Steward on the startup learning curve

Launching the Video Fizz app has been a learning experience for founder and CEO Laura Steward.

“We launched in both app stores in December—and then we had to fix some stuff,” said Steward. “When people start pounding on your app, you find out what needs to be fixed.”

After a six-week stabilization project, they started their first big promotional push and received 3,000 downloads in the first week.

“We started getting customer service messages asking us where they paid for their subscription,” said Steward. “There’s nothing like asking people to come to your product and have them ask, ‘Where do I buy it?’”

Steward’s focus now is on listening and responding to customer experience.

“At this point in time all we are doing is innovating and learning and listening to analytics,” said Steward.

For more of Steward’s perspective on the Kansas City startup community, check out the video profile above.

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