Wise Words: Anthony Luppino Shares How Smart City Technology Can Work for Social Justice

By June 14, 2016Events

What if data were the driving force behind every piece of legislation at all levels of government? What if lawmakers could inform their decisions and initiatives with fresh, up-to-date, intelligently collected numbers that show them the impact of the problem they tackle and the solutions they are crafting? What if, laws and civic initiatives were based on the logic that data provide?

It is no secret that the Smart City initiative in downtown Kansas City, which we are proud to be a part of here at Think Big, has an important data collection component that governs its functionality, and is one of the main incentives for our local government to implement it. How can local civic authorities, leaders and organizations use the information being collected in an efficient and intelligent manner? How can we really put those data to work for us, for all, in our community?

Come explore the answers to these questions with Professor Anthony Luppino this Thursday at Wise Words as part of our Think Big Thursdays’ Collisions & Coffee series. Professor Luppino is an experienced attorney, a data scientist, and a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship. He is the Rubey M. Hulen Professor of Law and the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law and a Senior Fellow with the cross-campus Regnier Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UMKC. He teaches or co-teachers a variety of business planning, entrepreneurship and tax classes, including projects-based interdisciplinary courses on Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, and on Law, Technology & Public Policy.

Come listen to him speak and join in the conversation of how technology can be used as a vehicle for civic participation, government transparency and social justice.

We’ll see you at Collisions & Coffee: Wise Words this Thursday at 8:30am!

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